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Why Choose Us?

Keren Hernandeza year ago

WHAT AN AMAZING FITNESS GYM. Dr. Butts always killing it with the great training classes. Great staff and very sanitized gym. Highly recommend.?? …

Chauncey Taylora year ago

As a senior I had a certain amount of anxiety which was overcome within the first 5 minutes of training “sore today, but stronger tomorrow “. Looking forward to my next session!

Wesley Wilbourna year ago

Dr. Butts was very professional. I was on vacation and I trained with him for one day. One of the best workouts in a very longtime. Very friendly and professional but drives towards results. I would definitely recommend his services.

L Scotta year ago

Nice boutique gym in downtown Lake Worth! The facility is clean, and there's plenty of equipment for your fitness needs. ?????? …

Lisa Durham8 months ago

All the equipment you need and the room to do it.

Barbara Campbella year ago

Staff knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, cleanest gym in Florida.

Bob Pboxa year ago

Great gym, plenty if class options to keep you moving, and supportive staff of trainers.

Serge Delaville9 months ago

It’s a Great place to train with Charlton the owner trainer or by your self and he will put you back in shape very quickly and I do go there every week… you will recognize my French accent.

Charlotte Leonarda year ago

I have been training with Dr Charlton Butts for the past year with great results. He is concerned about your progress and your success. He makes adjustments as necessary and appropriate to your level of training. I recommend training at UR Gains fitness.


Ur Gains Fitness offers personalized training that is suited to fit your goals, abilities and needs. The trainers are knowledgeable and passionate which is evident throughout their client interaction. The facility is beautiful and clean with precautions in place to alleviate infection control concerns. Amazing experience!

Caitlin Schoenfeld11 months ago

I love UR Gains fitness. Charlton is an amazing trainer who truly walks the walk. Sessions are fun, but also very challenging. He caters every session to your fitness level and ability. The gym is super clean, beautiful, and very welcoming. I highly recommend UR Gains fitness.